Dutch Door Systems


  • Delivered Pre-Assembled or KD
  • Designed with Horse Safety in Mind
  • Extended Jamb Available
  • Heavy Duty Hinges are Extra Strong and Bolt into the Door Panel
  • Door Panel Perimeters are Cut and Formed from a Single Piece of 16 Gauge Steel

Dutch Doors

  • Pre-Assembled Door Panels with Matching Crossbucks Assembled over Matching or Contrasting Steel Sheet
  • Door Panel Perimeters are Cut and Formed from a single piece of 16 gauge steel
  • Paint system is qualit powder coat urethane over a six stage pre-wash
  • Heavy duty hinges are extra strong and bolt into the door panel
  • For professional installations, a 16 gauge pre-punched steel jamb and header system is available


  • Formed with the same 16 gauge steel, then powder coat painted to match the door frame and assembled into the dutch door. Matching screws secure each corner and the center of the crossbuck providing a decorative finish and adding strength.

Barrel Bolt

  • On the inside of the door connects the two door halves together to operate as a single door.